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Santa Cruz Gunlocks offers a wide range of modular weapon mounting systems in an effort to provide solutions to all of your real-world weapon retention needs. Our products are highly flexible systems, composed of parts, which are versatile and modular in nature. Our products empower you to configure the gun rack to precisely fit your firearm, in a similar manner in which the AR-15 platform allows users to configure their rifles to fit their unique mission, body type, and personal preferences. We are convinced that modifying your firearm to fit a gun rack is a backward thinking process. With our products, your firearm will remain configured the exact way you need it, while the gun rack adjusts to secure it firmly.

The ancestor of today’s Pump Shotgun Lock was designed by Smith & Wesson in the early 1930s. The original design was so good that it remained virtually unchanged for over 50 years. In 1988 we further improved this time-tested gunlock by incorporating a manual key override into the design, so the lock could be opened even in case of a power failure. Since then, our Camlock design has become the industry standard for all pump shotgun locks—it’s simple, reliable and fits the vast majority of pump shotguns.

By 1990, we were getting daily requests from police departments asking for a larger and more versatile gunlock to secure their patrol rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. Our answer was the SC-1 AR Large Gunlock, which is basically a large pump shotgun lock with an adjustable plate in the bottom of the weapon cavity, which can be moved up, down, or on an angle to accommodate a variety of firearms.

Soon after, came the Barrel Lock, which is a simple and flexible variation of the proven SC-1 Gunlock that is heavily favored by correctional institutions and the US Border Patrol. The weapon cavity is perfectly sized to grab the barrel of most shotguns and rifles, which makes the SC-1-B an exceptionally versatile gunlock. Often times when nothing else seems to work, the barrel lock is there as the final solution.

For years, we continued to relentlessly search for better ways to secure any firearm in any vehicle, which led to our industry-changing innovation in 2003, the SC-6 Universal Gunlock. Thanks to its patented design, the SC-6 can secure a wide variety of firearms in the same gun rack. A stainless steel arm ratchets down to a spot you pick on the weapon and holds it in a strong box of stainless steel plates and rivets. Your weapon, though, will only touch soft rubber.

Securing modern patrol rifles and shotguns can be tricky, with the SC-6, we’ve made it simple. Until now, patrol rifles with large forends or quad rails equipped with numerous tactical accessories have been nearly impossible to secure. With the SC-6 you can now secure your firearm the way it is with all optics, lights, lasers, grips and other tactical accessories on the firearm where they belong.