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About Santa Cruz Gun Locks

For more than 30 years, Santa Cruz Gunlocks, LLC  has been a proud provider of equipment to the law enforcement community for mounting and securing firearms.  We lead the industry in providing effective, easy-to-use gunlocks and accessories, and are constantly improving our products.

As an industry leader, we want to take this opportunity to provide some important information about the appropriate use and intended purposes of gunlocks – in particular, our mounted gunlock solutions.

Our mounting gunlock solutions serve three main purposes:

  1. Enhanced theft prevention. In the event that a criminal gains access to the inside of a police vehicle, our mounting solutions provide an extra layer of security to aid in the prevention of misuse or theft of a weapon.  While a gunlock and gun rack is not as secure as a gun safe, it is a powerful tool to prevent a weapon from falling into the wrong hands.


  1. Accessibility and ease of deployment. While providing enhanced security, our solutions also are engineered to allow for rapid deployment of the secured firearm.  In the event that the firearm must be deployed in an emergency or other critical situation, it can be done so quickly to provide safety for the officer and the public.    In extreme situations, seconds can make a difference between lives lost and lives saved and rapid deployment of a safely secured firearm is critical.


  1. Providing firearm retention during collision. In the event that an officer is involved in a collision, the gun rack prevents the firearm from becoming a projectile within the vehicle and possibly harming the officer or other vehicle occupants.


Santa Cruz works continuously to engineer our products to optimize accessibility and security.  Examples of our long-standing commitment to product improvement include our patented shim protection and other safety features included in the SC-6 handcuff-style lock (which is an improvement to our SC-5 product), as well as our patented magnet protection included with our SC-1 and SC-1-AR clamshell style lock.  Santa Cruz considers the safety and security of those who protect and serve as our top priority.

We would be happy to ensure that your department is using the proper fit and best option for your choice of firearm.  Please feel free to call and speak with our professional staff at 603-746-7740, Monday through Friday 8am-5pm ET.  We look forward to serving you.