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By 1990, we were getting daily requests from police departments asking for a larger and more versatile gunlock to secure their patrol rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. Our answer was the SC-1 AR Large Gunlock, which is basically a large pump shotgun lock with an adjustable plate in the bottom of the weapon cavity, which can be moved up, down or in an angle to accommodate a variety of firearms.

We were careful to keep essential components interchangeable with the Model SC-1 pump shotgun lock in order to provide an economical solution to secure a variety of guns. There are other types of manual override keys available for this lock.  A 7/32″ allen key is shipped with each lock to move the adjusting plate up and down or in an angle to cater to a tapering fore stock (Colt AR-15, etc.).

This gun lock is suitable for weapon cavity dimensions:

  • Horizontal: 2 1/2″
  • Vertical Max: 2 5/8″
  • Vertical Min: 2″


Check to see if your local Police Department is using a Santa Cruz Gunlock.

Volume Discounts are Available.  Departments may request a Testing & Evaluation Sample!

Other Information:
Manual Key override option



Gunlock Safety Precautions

NOTE: Santa Cruz Gunlocks, LLC (SCG) gun racks and gunlocks are intended for temporary, secure storage of firearms. They are not substitutes for a permanent storage enclosure and only act as limited theft deterrents.  They will not prevent accidental discharge/firing of a chambered round.

To properly and safely use the SCG gun rack and/or gunlock:

  • Do not use if your firearm does not fit the SCG gun rack and/or gunlock
  • Never leave your firearm unsupervised while using a SCG gun rack and/or gunlock
  • Never place a loaded firearm in s SCG gun rack and/or gunlock
  • Never chamber a round while using a SCG gun rack and/or gunlock
  • It is the responsibility of the user to operate the SCG gun rack and/or gunlock properly and safely


Model SC-1/AR Gunlock – $203.99 + shipping